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Carlitas was founded by Carla Sigua, a first generation immigrant, amidst today’s changing time. It was her childhood dream to create and design her own brand. It was when the pandemic started that she decided to bring her vision to reality. She believes that through Carlitas, she can promote women empowerment and self-confidence by creating a range of gorgeous SILK products that can make you look and feel good. The Carlitas Silk Mask collection is crafted to provide style and safety, while giving a luxurious and elegant vibe. It all started with her Silk Mask collection, followed by scrunchies, sleep masks, and loungewear.


The true you. The sexy you. The confident  you. The best you. The beautiful you. The fierce you.

It all started with a question. What is true beauty?

Is it a shape? Color? Who has it?

My dream and ambition to find that answer has led me here.

It is the beauty beyond the lines and colors we see. Beyond the pixels in the screen. The one you can feel. That beauty.

I believe that what we wear represents who we are and our own story, but too many times they don’t justify our true beauty. To represent true beauty is my purpose.

2020 proved a great challenge. We are being censored from the most powerful language that is known around the world. The pandemic has stolen our smile.

Starting with my Carlitas Silk Mask Collection, I’m here to give it back and that's just the beginning.

Everything we do at Carlitas is to represent and exemplify your true beauty. Translating your confidence, sexiness, happiness, sassiness, everything that makes you, you.

So go ahead. Be one in a billion, be one of one, be true, be you.

Your true friend,

C. Sigua


Carlitas has been seen in British VOGUE, British GQ, TATLER UK,  FAB UK, ABODE2, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, and was featured in 2020 New Era Virtual Fashion Week that was held in San Francisco, California一gracing the runway with her Silk Mask collection together with other international designers. 

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